Nous sommes ravis de vous inviter jeudi 12 mars à partir de 18h pour le lancement du nouveau livre de Andreas H. Bitesnich  "LISBON". Ce livre auto-publié est le 6ème de sa série consacrée aux villes "DEEPER SHADES #6". 

Le musée Berardo de Lisbonne lui consacre une très belle exposition autour de cette série mais également autour des villes précédentes. Exposition à voir jusqu'au 21 juin. Un article de Marc Lenot pour le monde lui est également consacré. A lire ici:


We are delighted to invite you Thursday 12th of March from 6pm to Le Plac'Art Photo for the new photobook launching event, Andreas H. Bitesnich : "LISBON". This new self-published book is the sixth of his serie dedicating to the cities "DEEPER SHADES #6" 

Lisbon! City of seven hills, of the seduction of tourist attractions of recent years, of a specific intensity of light. City of warm welcome, of vibrant places, of sites filled with history and narrative. But this is also Lisbon, the city that falls into a deep silence: the silence of the lament and nostalgia of its fado singers, its popular songs.

The photographs of Andreas H. Bitesnich suggest retreat, a certain melancholy, a large dose of intimacy in which, occasionally, vast metropoles are transformed into small villages that are not always inhabited but, in general, are rich with feeling and emotion.

With his Lisbon project, Bitesnich invites us into a kaleidoscope, the outcome of a renewed ability to look,

thus unveiling new aspects of the things that surround us. The emotions aroused by looking at Lisbon are part of his rich legacy as an artist. The exhibition at Museu Coleção Berardo brings us the possibility of participating in this journey, free of preconceptions, free of known horizons.

"Extract of the text Looking at the city"

by João Miguel Barros


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